Old Things Need Great Care

Sometimes old things wear out.  Sometimes they rust.  Sometimes they just need fixed.   After my first year of training and riding in 2015, I developed Trochanteric Bursitis in my right hip area.  Since I have a desk job it was exacerbated by sitting all day.  Mostly it was my own fault as I developed a … Continue reading Old Things Need Great Care

Finding Balance

She suffers silently, eventually exposed by the beads of sweat trickling down her forehead.  Anxiety pushes itself to the surface, daring her to panic at trifling circumstances.  With a few deep breaths, she takes control of her nervous system.  She battles daily with fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, bloating, loss of sleep, memory lapses and … Continue reading Finding Balance

When the ground shifts

no words….just wow….

Dear Diary: Is it Ok to be Sarcastic When the World is Imploding?

UPDATE: We are pretty overwhelmed by the response to this. Zach and I want to say together – this is not Zach’s story. I hope people get that this is not about noticing how awesome Zach is (although as his mom I think he is amazing). Your words are so kind, but this is about something bigger….. Love you all!

There are moments when you know something has shifted under your feet. As a mom I have always been aware that the time I get with my kids is fleeting. The years have gone so quickly, and as they emerged into teens I felt the clock hands move even faster toward their launch from the nest.

And although I know somewhere inside that each day with them is a gift and that I cannot control how many of those days I will get, it’s something I don’t want to think…

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